Custom Designed Jewelry

At Kelley Jewelers, we proudly design & transform jewelry in-house so that your vision is brought to life from consultation to creation!

Some of the most requested desgins are for engagement rings, wedding bands, pendant necklaces and earrings using a variety of diamond shapes and colored gemstones.

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This is no project too big, small or unique for our team of dedicated experts.

Whether you are looking to custom design your engagement ring or reimagine a family heirloom into a new piece of jewelry that you'll love to wear, schedule an appointment at Kelley Jewelers in Weatherford, Oklahoma.

  • Custom Engagement Rings 
  • Family Heirlooms Reimagined
  • Update Your Wedding Rings
  • Jewelry & Watch Repair 


Custom Engagement Rings

New engagement ring styles and trends emerage each season. But you can create your own trend and style that fits your personality.


We custom design jewelry in-house so that your engagement ring is only yours.

  • Bring in images of what you like and what you don't.
  • We'll ask you questions about your favorite color metals and whether you prefer a combination.
  • Do you prefer diamonds or colored gemstones? We can help you find something that is both strong and colorful if that's what you desire.
  • What shapes do you gravitate towards most? Brilliant rounds, expertly cut emerald shapes, or the ever popular cushion cut?
  • Does a hidden halo provide the extra sparkle you want without attracting as much attention? Or is a double halo the across the room eye-popping reaction you're hoping for?

We're excited to be a part of your wedding story, by helping you design your ideal engagement rings and even your wedding bands!

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Repurpose & Transform Your Jewelry

Family Heirlooms Reimagined

Occasionally the most sentimental jewelry sits quietly protected in a beautiful box. But what if that piece of jewelry was redesgined and reimagined into a style that you would love to wear? What if it was turned into multiple pieces that several family members could share?

Allow our team of expert jewelry designers to help bring your sentimental, unworn, or even broken jewelry back to life!

  • Wedding bands can transform into pendants.
  • Diamond Stud Earrings can upgrade an Engagement Ring to an Anniversary Ring.
  • Sapphires, rubies, or diamonds from one ring can create two new fashion rings for everyday wear.
  • A Diamond Pendant can become the center stone for a ring.

Visit our Jewelry Transformations page to view before and after photos of the most innovative and creative jewelry transformations across Oklahoma and Texas!

The possibilites with our in-house team of creative experts are endless!

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Updated Your Engagement Ring or Wedding Ring

When a milestone anniversary comes along, you may consider adding a halo to your solitaire engagement ring, or flanking your center stone with a diamond or colored gemstone on each side. 

Perhaps the setting you chose was ideal during the decade you were married, but your personal style has changed.

At Kelley Jewelers, no matter where you originally purchased your engagement rings or wedding bands - We can update, upgrade, and even reimagine them into a style you'll love to show off for the next several decades!

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Jewelry & Watch Repair

Not looking to redesign your jewelry, but need a few tweaks or fixes?

We can resize rings, tighten loose stones, repair chains, replace stones and more!

If you have a watch that could use a tune-up, we offer battery replacement and link adjustments as well.

Visit our Jewelry and Watch Repair page to learn more.