Kendra Scott Keychain Touchless Tool

# 525-02087

Kendra Scott Keychain Touchless Tool

# 525-02087

Designed in our signature filigree, the Kendra Scott Keychain Touchless Tool
makes it easy to keep your hands off of shared surfaces such as buttons and doors
Plus, with the rubber tip, you can even access touchscreens!

This product is made of Brass, which when cleaned regularly, does not support the growth of certain bacteria.

Use of this tool as supplement to and not a substitute for other strategies to reduce the spread of germs
You should continue to follow all current best practices to reduce the spread of germs.


Product Details

Name Keychain Touchless Tool
Stock Number 525-02087
Style Number 4217717870
Department Accessories
Type Giftware

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Kendra Scott

Every Kendra Scott piece is intricately and artfully designed at our state of the art studio in Austin, Texas. Kendra and her team created the Design Lab of their dreams complete with casting, 3D printing and an extensive product and material library. The design studio offers a unique space to create, innovate and be inspired.